Future Vision - Full Customer Transparency

NVD decided that our customers needed to have full visibility of their stock when it was in our care. They needed to know where their vehicle was, and what was happening to it.

Starting Point

NVD was a compound and bodyshop service where the transport element of the business was handled by a sub-contractor. The business was being run with paper and clip boards, fax and phone. Our first task was to go to the market to see what I.T. functionality was available to us.


Bespoke Kerridge I.T. system introduced. Linear barcode system introduced. Managed through batch scanners. NVD were the first in the industry to develop this process. This one change allowed customer to have daily updates of their stock. The vehicle handling process benefited from a 45% improvement in overall time taken.

CTL Limited bought by NVD Ltd.

Our customer offering now included compound, bodyshop and transport services - The "ONE STOP SHOP" service was born. This service was available in Dublin, Cork and Wexford, the three main ports in Ireland

Replacing Batch Scanners

Batch scanners were replaced by LXE Narrow Band Scanners and EDI connections were set up with customers. The EDI improvements realised a 35% reduction in admin time for our customer base. Another first for the industry!

Introduction of GSM Scanners

GSM scanners were introduced which allowed paperless deliveries to be completed. This allowed customers to invoice on delivery thereby improving cash flow.

Replacing Linear Barcodes

Linear barcodes replaced by 2D barcodes to allow more detail to be captured and transmitted

Implementation of New I.T. Systems

Online dealer to dealer booking system and proof of delivery email service introduced to each vehicle delivered. Dealership now had visibility of when a vehicle was delivered including the ability to note any issues.

Pre-Delivery Email Service Introduced

Pre-delivery email service introduced to enhance the visibility to dealerships. They now had visibility of when a vehicle was going to be delivered.

Merging All Systems

The previously autonomous systems of 3 compounds, 2 workshops and 1 transport department now became one operational function.

Adding Telematics

Each transporter fitted with a telematics system. The initial purpose was to improve efficiency however the vision was to allow for further customer tracking to be developed.

Replacing GSM Scanners

GSM scanners throughout the operation were replaced by Smart Phones to allow for phone, email, scanning and messaging to be handled by one device.

Improving Business Processes

Monthly customer KPI packs introduced to show performance levels achieved for the previous months activities versus service level agreements. Business Intelligence reporting introduced to the Transport Department for Pre & Post Planning analysis

Removing Paper Reporting at Ports

Damage PDF annotation software introduced at ports to replace their paper based damage notification systems. The process of handling marine repairs is now 60% faster than before.

I.T System Improvements

New I.T. system development started. CEU project undertaken with University of Limerick

App Development

Creation of dealer tracking app for both Android and iOS to allow dealers to track orders

FLO-Concepts Launched

National Vehicle Distribution
New Ross
Co Wexford
Y34 XY81

Sat Nav Co-Ordinates: 52.383422,-6.952619
Telephone: +353 (0)51 440440
Fax: +353 (0)51 440111
Email: info@nvd.ie

National Vehicle Distribution
Co Dublin
D22 AV20

Sat Nav Co-Ordinates: 53.297485,-6.439201
Telephone: +353 (0)1 4614400
Fax: +353 (0)1 4614455
Email: info@nvd.ie

National Vehicle Distribution
Rosslare Harbour
Co Wexford
Y35 PR99

Sat Nav Co-Ordinates: 52.24609374,-6.35413437
Telephone: +353 (0)53 9161400
Fax: +353 (0)53 9133408
Email: info@nvd.ie

National Vehicle Distribution
Co Cork
P43 CF30

Sat Nav Co-Ordinates: 51.8327212,-8.31521809
Telephone: +353 (0)21 4379015
Fax: +353 (0)21 4379018
Email: info@nvd.ie